oaas: academic success

peer learning 2021-2022

spring 2022 schedule

**last day of peer learning for the 2021-2022 school year is thursday, april 28th.**

anatomy & physiology (dw reynolds rm. 326)
thursday 8-10 pm

cellular biology (bailey library learning commons)
tuesday 6-8 pm
thursday 6-8 pm

computer science (snoddy ctr computer lab - bailey library)
monday 6-8 pm
tuesday 6-8 pm
wednesday 6-10 pm 

french (bailey library learning commons)
thursday 7-9 pm

general chemistry (bailey library seminar room)
sunday 6-8 pm
monday 6-8 pm (learning commons)
tuesday 6-8 pm (learning commons)
wednesday 6-10 pm  

genetics (bailey library learning commons)
sunday 6-8 pm

latin (bailey library learning commons)
wednesday 7-8 pm

math help center (snoddy ctr computer lab-bailey library)
sunday-thursday 8-10 pm  

organic chemistry (bailey library learning commons)
wednesday 8-10 pm

physics (bailey library seminar room)
monday 6-8 pm
tuesday 6-8 pm

spanish (bailey library learning commons)
sunday 6-8 pm
monday 6-10 pm  
wednesday 8-10 pm
thursday 6-8 pm


how to get the most out of peer learning visits: 

come prepared

  • bring all relevant material to the peer learning session (e.g., textbook, lecture notes, assignments, lab books, paper drafts, past tests).
  • do the assigned reading and homework before the sessions.
  • set reasonable goals for both short and long term work. write them down. share them with your pla and revise, if necessary.
  • have specific concepts or questions ready to discuss with the pla.

actively participate

  • ask the pla to explain not only specific concepts but also how they study for similar courses.
  • stop the pla if they are going too fast or telling you too much.
  • do not expect the pla to tell you the answer or to do your work.
  • don’t be afraid to say, “i still don’t get it, let’s do it again.”
  • review the material on your own soon after the session.
  • talk with other students and consider participating in a study group.

don’t wait until the last minute to get help for a test or assignment.

  • arrive early.
  • be patient while a pla works with other students.
  • collaborate with other students while waiting for help

are you interested in being a peer learning associate next year? email mr. e. hendley in the office of academic success. 

for questions or concerns, please email hendley@2022年世界杯参赛球队 .edu