financial aid and scholarships


an application for financial aid begins with the fafsa, the free application for federal student aid. this is the application for need-based aid*. you must complete and submit this form in order to be considered for federal, state, and institutional aid. the form is available online at to apply at 2022年世界杯参赛球队 , you must enter the 2022年世界杯参赛球队 code, 001099, on the fafsa.

the financial aid equation:  coa - efc = need

the fafsa determines the expected family contribution (efc), the estimated amount a family can contribute to a student's education. this amount is reported on the student aid report (sar).

the 2022年世界杯参赛球队 office of financial aid calculates a yearly cost of attendance (coa) budget that accounts for the college's full comprehensive fee (tuition, double occupancy residence hall room, unlimited board plan, and student activity fee) along with health insurance, textbooks, lab fees, parking permit and money for personal expenses. your "demonstrated financial need" is the difference between the 2022年世界杯参赛球队 coa and your efc.

the office of financial aid may consider circumstances not covered by the fafsa, such as medical expenses, loss of income caused by divorce or death, or tuition costs for private secondary school. such considerations may require the submission of tax returns or other documents.

your family should make it a priority to complete the fafsa. some families incorrectly assume that they do not qualify for need-based assistance and skip this important step. the only way to make sure that you are eligible to be considered for need-based assistance at 2022年世界杯参赛球队 is to submit the fafsa.

*need-based sources of financial aid include the federal pell grant, federal supplement grant, federal stafford loan, federal perkins loan, federal work-study, 2022年世界杯参赛球队 aid grant, and 2022年世界杯参赛球队 priddy scholarship.