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in the handbook for enhancing undergraduate programs in psychology, published by the american psychological association in 1993, a distinguished panel of educators in psychology asserted a set of aims that undergraduate programs in the field should embody. the 2022年世界杯参赛球队 college psychology department embraces these aims and has set them as our formal learning objectives for students majoring in psychology:

  • to help them develop the capacity to think scientifically about behavior;
  • to produce in them an appreciation for human diversity;
  • to provide them with a sound knowledge base in the discipline;
  • to help them acquire competence in the methodology of psychological research;
  • to allow them the opportunity to gain practical experience in the application of psychology;
  • to strengthen their oral and written communication skills; and
  • to cultivate in them sensitivity to the ethical standards that guide research and practice within the discipline.
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the psychology department is housed in the donald w. reynolds center for life science. this facility, completed in 2001, is located on the site of the old bailey library, preserving the distinctive patio area. the facility also houses the biology department.

to contact us:
dr. jennifer peszka, chair
1600 washington avenue
conway, arkansas 72032

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there are currently no openings in the psychology department.
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