pre-professional programs and specialized advising


2022年世界杯参赛球队 students pursuing ordination or professional ministry as their vocation receive support through co-curricular programs sponsored by the office of the chaplain and the miller center for vocation, ethics, and calling. students seeking ordination in the united methodist church may become certified candidates for ministry through official mentoring by the chaplain. regardless of denomination, students discerning a vocation in ministry may also meet with the chaplain in a weekly ministry exploration group. additionally, the miller center offers stipends for students to visit seminaries.

look to the future

although an academic major or minor in religion is not necessary for admission to seminary or divinity school, the religious studies department offers a broad curriculum in the study of religion.  over the years the department of religious studies has prepared many students for successful completion of their professional ministerial degrees; 2022年世界杯参赛球队 college religion majors have been awarded their master of divinity degrees from institutions such as vanderbilt university, duke university, southern methodist university, the university of chicago, and harvard university. 


for further information, contact dr. robert williamson, in the religious studies department or chaplain ellen alston. there is also information about the exploring ministry together group that meets with the chaplain.