pre-professional programs and specialized advising


pharmacists are health professionals who practice the science of pharmacy. a pharmacist must complete four years of graduate level training at a pharmacy school, usually after receiving a bachelor’s degree from an undergraduate institution, although some pharmacy schools only require two years of undergraduate education and the completion of a list of prerequisites. 

look to the future

2022年世界杯参赛球队 students interested in pharmacy careers should take a series of courses that satisfy the prerequisites for admission to a pharmacy school. the requirements you need vary from program to program, but there are common prerequisites. these include core courses in mathematics, biology, physics, and chemistry, and non-core courses in english, economics, and the humanities. in addition, the pcat (pharmacy college admission test) which covers biology, chemistry, mathematics, verbal ability and reading comprehension is a critical part of your application package. as the required prerequisites for individual schools may vary from these general recommendations, it is very important to review with the pre-pharmacy advisor the requirements for schools you may choose to attend in the future.


for information, contact dr. andres caro in the chemistry department.

examples for course selection

as an example of the types of requirements pharmacy programs have, the requirements are listed below for the college of pharmacy at the university of arkansas for medical sciences (uams).  again, requirements for other programs will vary.

english/communication–9 hours (3 2022年世界杯参赛球队 courses)
        choose from:
        engl 110 intro to academic writing or any higher courses

mathematics3 to 6 hours depending upon placement (1 or 2 2022年世界杯参赛球队 courses)
        math 130 calculus i 

chemistry–16 hours (12 lecture, 4 lab) (4 2022年世界杯参赛球队 lab courses)
        chem 110 general chemistry i (w/lab)
        chem 120 general chemistry ii (w/lab)
        chem 240 organic chemistry i (w/lab)
        chem 250 organic chemistry ii (w/lab)

biology–12 hours (9 lecture, 3 lab) (3 2022年世界杯参赛球队 lab courses)
        biol 150 cell biology (w/lab)
        biol 220 zoology (w/lab)
        biol 340 microbiology (w/lab)

physics–4 hours (3 lecture, 1 lab) (1 2022年世界杯参赛球队 lab course)
        choose from:
        phys 210 general physics i (w/lab)
        phys 230 general physics i (w/lab)(calculus-based)
        phys 235 general physics i (workshop)  

economics–3 hours (1 2022年世界杯参赛球队 course)
        choose from:
        econ 200 microeconomics
        econ 210 macroeconomics
        econ 100 survey of economic issues 
        busi 200 fundamentals of accounting and business

recommended electives–9 hours (3 2022年世界杯参赛球队 courses)
        choose from:
        biol 250 genetics (w/lab)
        biol 320 animal physiology (w/lab) 
        biol 450 advanced cell biology (w/lab)
        biol 205 or biol 215 anatomy and physiology (w/lab) i or ii
        chem 320 physical chemistry ii (w/lab)
        chem 330 biological chemistry (w/lab)
        math 140 calculus ii 
        statistics math 215, psyc 290, busi 250, or math 310 
        phil 245 logic or phil 205 critical reasoning 
        general physics phys 220, phys 240, or phys 245 

humanities electives–to get to a total of 69 hours (2 or 3 additional 2022年世界杯参赛球队 courses)
        choose from: survey courses in art, music, theater arts, literature, philosophy, religion, foreign language, psychology, sociology, anthropology, history, or politics
        cannot use courses from:  business, military science, studio art, music, theatre, or computer science 
no course can be used to satisfy the requirements in more than one area.

pharmacy schools often recommend biochemistry, immunology, animal physiology, and physical chemistry as additional courses to consider above the required 69 hours (17 or 18 courses) total.